is a temporary lubricant which enables you to install rubber- & plastic parts without generating a permanent lubricating film.

Produktbild ViscoTLube

In many industrial areas natural and synthetic rubber components are installed in very large quantities. The sliding resistance of those components often makes it difficult to install and place them. Therefore, the installation of rubber- & plastic parts can become time-consuming and complex.

ViscoTLube helps you to reduce this amount of work and expenditure of time without generating a permanent lubricating film.

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  • Visco20TLube

    Our established standard product. Mounting aid with very good sliding properties and a high degree of volatility. Apply with a sponge and brush, for spraying and dipping.

  • Visco10TLube

    Thin liquid mounting aid with lower sliding properties with a very high degree of volatility. For sputtering and largescale application.

  • Visco80TLube

    Gel-like mounting aid with lower sliding properties with a very high degree of volatility. For precise application and working overhead.


ViscoTLube solely consists of natural components and thus it is compatible with the environment,
gentle to the materials, on which the lubricant is employed and harmless to the employees who apply it.

  • compatible
    with the environment

  • gentle
    to the materials

  • harmless
    to employees

  • solvent-free/
    free from VOC content
  • silicone-
  • not
  • bio-
  • no mandatory registration or
    labelling requirements


  • Due to their characteristics the temporary lubricant ViscoTLube is compatible with almost every kind of rubber and plastic.

  • Measurements for the determination of cleanliness classes are not influenced or not significantly influenced by the usage of ViscoTLube in most cases.

  • During the production or installation, lubricants are often needed for temporary working steps through which a permanent lubricating film is not required or desirable.

  • ViscoTLube generates a lubricating film, which loses its sliding properties after a certain period of time, and fixes the mounted plastic or rubber component in its position.

Application possibilities

  • Industry

    • hydraulic systems
    • hydraulic hose assembly
    • machinery & plant engineering
    • automobile manufacture
    • apparatus engineering
    • construction-/agricultural machinery
    • lorries and buses
    • automation
    • shipbuilding
    • filter membranes
    • pumps
    • and many more...
  • Automotive engineering

    • dampers & suspension of bumpers
    • air conditioning systems
    • engine mountings
    • wiper motors
    • suspensions & bearings of steering columns
    • exhaust pipe suspensions
    • door & boot cover gaskets
    • rubber dampers & door locks
    • interior panelling
    • and many more...
  • Typical Applications

    • belts
    • seals
    • cable harnesses
    • O-rings
    • clamps and mounts
    • guide and bearing bushes
    • grommets
    • and many more...

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