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ViscoTLube is a versatile assembly aid for hydraulic hose assembly and in machine & vehicle construction.
It offers numerous advantages in terms of application, compatibility and industrial safety.

ViscoTLube ist eine vielseitige Montagehilfe bei der Hydraulikschlauch-Konfektionierung.
Sie bietet zahlreiche Vorteile in Punkto Anwendung, Verträglichkeit und Arbeitssicherheit.


ViscoTLube is a temporary lubricant that allows installing rubber and plastic parts without creating a permanent lubricating film.

Natural and synthetic rubber parts are installed in large quantities in many industries. However, the sliding resistance of these components often makes it difficult to install and place them. Therefore, installing rubber and synthetic parts can lead to a considerable expenditure of time.

ViscoTLube helps you reduce this time and work effort without creating a permanent lubricating film.


  • Facilitates hose assembly, tried and tested for years and used a million times over.

  • Designed for economical and ecological use.

  • Compatible with the common types of rubber used in hose production.

  • Develops good sliding properties between crimp nipple and hose.

  • Prevents the occurrence of apparent leaks (no “sweating”).

  • Supports procedures and methods for clean hose assembly.

  • Biodegradable, VOC- and silicone-free, compatible with environment and user.

  • Not subject to registration and labelling according to the REACH regulation. 

  • Volatilisation takes place free of solvents and other harmful substances.

  • Contains no substances of high concern acc. to the ECHA candidate list (SVHCs) & RoHS-compliant.

  • Improves the hazardous substances balance of your company.

ViscoTLube is made exclusively from natural components and is therefore particularly compatible with the environment. Moreover, it is gentle on the material and harmless to your employees during application.


Environmentally compatible

Silicone-free and non-alkaline

Gentle on the material

Solvent and VOC-free

Harmless to your employees


No registration or labelling is necessary


Our proven standard product. Installation aid with very good sliding properties and a high degree of volatilisation at the same time. Apply with sponge and brush, or spray and dip.


Gel-like installation aid with very high sliding properties and at the same time low volatilisation. Well suited for precise application and
overhead work.

Application example Visco20TLube with sponge ViscoZ-S

To achieve an ideal result, the crimp nipple should not be dipped directly into the Visco20TLube installation fluid. To apply a thin film on the outside of the crimp nipple, we recommend using our application aids - ViscoZ-S and ViscoZ-B. To do this, place the ViscoZ-S sponge in to the ViscoZ-B container and pour the Visco20TLube assembly fluid into the container.

IMPORTANT: The sponge should absorb the liquid completely. The less liquid still “floats” in the container, the better.

Press the crimp nipple into the sponge. The wet sponge wraps itself around the outside of the crimp nipple and less on the inside. This way, a thin film of Visco20TLube is applied to the outside of the crimp nipple. Pressing it in is made easier and the inside remains clean.

Detailed application instructions are included with our products.

    ViscoTLube is used not only for the assembly of hydraulic hoses but also in many areas of machine and vehicle production. It can be brushed on or sprayed on, and it is also possible to dip the component to be assembled.

    Common areas of application include:
    • Cabin assembly

      ViscoTLube properties make it ideal as an assembly aid when attaching edge protectors or seals.

    • Engine assembly

      ViscoTLube enables easier assembly of rubber parts. It also makes it much easier to fit hoses to nozzles.

    • Cable harness assembly

      When pulling in cable harnesses, ViscoTLube with its sliding properties helps when passing through and placing the cable harness.

    • Hydraulic hose assembly

      ViscoTLube facilitates the assembly of hydraulic hoses and volatilizes almost without residue.

      Special vehicles • Municipal vehicles • Agricultural machinery • Construction machinery • Trailers & equipment